Amy Winehouse’s Hair: How to Copy Her Beehive Look?

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With news of Amy Winehouse death, many are shocked by news that was discovered on Saturday.  Amy Winehouse was a UK singer who had a belting voice.  Her style was just as empowering as her voice, for example the thing that springs to mind when thinking of Amy is her notoriously over exaggerated 60’s inspired beehive.  Not to everyone’s liking or taste I must admit, however if you love her look and want to recreate her hair then I found this fantastic hair tutorial below:

Video Courtesy of Girls Made Up

Copy Amy Winehouse’s Hair…

What you need…

  1. Hair Piece for $8.99
  2. Hair Extensions for $29.99
  3. Comb for $3.49
  4. Bobby Pins for $3.49
  5. Hairspray for $11.53

How to…

  1. You’ll need a hair piece to achieve that much height and maintain the appearance of so much hair. If you don’t already have long hair and side swept bangs, you can achieve the length with clip-on extensions.
  2. Apply the clip-ons on the underside of your hair.
  3. Back-comb your hair at the corner, and take your hair from ear-to-ear, excluding bangs, and pull them back into a half-updo.
  4. Use hairspray to keep hair in place.
  5. Take the hair piece and secure with several bobby pins or clips onto the ponytail part of your hair.

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