Orange Power Wellies – Charge Your Phone Via Your Feet!

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The future is definitely bright with Orange, they has just unveiled their new Orange Power Wellies. They are Thermoelectric wellies that charge your mobile phone using heat from your feet, ideal for using during festivals or even just long walks. These eco-mobile phone-charging prototype were created to keep festival goers at Glastonbury connected with their friends throughout the festival.

Created with renewable energy experts GotWind they use a special and unique ‘power generating sole’ that will convert the heat in your soles into an electrical current! This can then in turn be used to charge up your mobile, as we all know no tents come with plug sockets, and why pack an additioanl manual charger if your already planning on packing wellies.

To get an hours worth of charging, which is usually all you need, all you have to do is stomp yourself through the day for 12 hours, which can be easily done when at a festival. And if you want to speed up the process just make sure to start dancing whenever you can to make more energy, simple. The hotter your feet, the quicker you build up that electrical current.

After you finally reach your tent all you have to do is plug your mobile into your wellies. The power collected is via a process called the ‘Seebeck’ effect. Inside the power generating sole there are thermoelectric modules constructed of pairs of p-type and n-type semiconductor materials forming a thermocouple. These thermocouples are connected electrically forming an array of multiple thermocouples (thermopile). They are then sandwiched between two thin ceramic wafers. When the heat from the foot is applied on the top side of the ceramic wafer and cold is applied on the opposite side, from the cold of the ground, electricity is generated. It works a little bit like how a thunderstorm works…

With wellies being now part of your festival shopping list, they were an obvious choice to develop.

Andrew Pearcey, Head of Sponsorship at Orange UK said: “Orange remain loyal to the green ethos of the Glastonbury Festival and are committed to researching exciting new energy sources that can be used on site to ensure people can stay in touch with their nearest and dearest. The Orange Power Wellies use clean and renewable energy to create valuable electricity ensuring festival goers can text and phone their mates for the duration of the weekend”.

Check out the video below to see how it works:

Images & Video via M&CSAATCHI sports & entertainment

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