About StyleClone

‘Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery’

If you’ve ever wondered where Kate Moss bought her boots from or how Alexa Chung gets that sexy out of bed hair look or how you can recreate the latest Dior catwalk look straight from the highstreet, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let StyleClone help you recreate and imitate your favourite celebrity or designers looks, as well as offering you style tips, advice, news on how to clone some of looks for a fraction of the price!

Meet the Style Clone Team

Want to meet the team who has been filling the StyleClone blog with oodles of fantastic content?

Saf (Editor)

“As founder and editor of StyleClone I have always been a lover of fabulous fashion and style. Using my skills in marketing, writing and my love for style, the StyleClone blog is a perfect setting for me to express my ideas and views about style and fashion.  I have complete admiration for various designers as they all encompass their own unique style, if however I was to choose my all time favourite it would have to be Chanel and Chloe; cool, sophisticated and timeless…Wouldn’t you agree?”

Becky (Writer)

“I’m a graduate in English Literature from the University of Surrey with a love for fashion and all things journalistic, so StyleClone is the perfect place to combine the two. I have an absolute weakness for clothes and will spend hours trawling the internet for the best bargains, as it seems I’m never quite content with everything I own (which my unhealthy overdraft doesn’t thank me for). My favourite place to shop would have to be Urban Outfitters for their edgy but relaxed designs.”

Manita (Writer)

I’m currently waiting to start my degree in English with Film and as you can imagine, writing has always been my passion in life.  I have a huge interest in fashion too so writing for StyleClone is perfect as it allows me to express my creativity, as I like to do in the form of fashion blogging. I’m constantly looking at the latest catwalk trends and love attending fashion-related events. My favourite designers include Alexander Wang, Chanel, Versace and Elie Saab. I also believe that true style is about confidence, not what brand you’re wearing!

Sophie (Writer)

I’ve just graduated university with a degree in English Literature and have ambitions to be a writer in the future. I run my own lifestyle blog which allows me to not only showcase little snippets of my life from the beauty products I’m loving to the outfits that I wear, but it gives me my own little corner of the internet to write and get my writing out there. Writing for Styleclone means that I can write about the things that I’m super passionate about, fashion, style and shopping!