Fashion House Jaeger, to Design Uniforms for Kensington Palace

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Jaeger has made it’s name as a prestigious British fashion label, first established in 1884, and to show their appreciation for such a brand, officials at the future Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s home, Kensington Palace, have asked them to design special uniforms for their front of house team.

Jaeger has always had a strong focus on formal-wear and they have previously worked with the palace when they photographed their autumn/winter 2011 campaign outside the palace gates.

With Kate Middleton and her Prince William moving into the palace’s Apartment 1A, officials are keen for their team to be just a stylish as the Duchess of Cambridge herself. Jaeger creative director, Stuart Stockdale, has designed red, double-breasted blazers and black, slim cut trousers for the workers which are said to be inspired by the Palace’s Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection. All staff at Kensington palace will wear the uniform from March 2012, ready for the newly married couple’s arrival.

Talking about the exclusive uniforms, creative director Stuart Stockdale said: “I have been inspired by centuries of royal and court style and married this with modernity to offer the Palace staff a bespoke uniform that they can feel proud of and enjoy wearing. The new uniform really tells a story and reflects Jaeger’s reputation for timeless and iconic designs that transcend time.”

It must be a real honour for Jaeger to be asked to design such prestigious clothing and this could mark the beginning of a great relationship between the Palace and the fashion house as the Royal family make their mark on the 21st Century.

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