Kate Moss Braces Cover of Men’s Magazine After 17 Years!

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The adored Kate Moss will appear on the September issue of British Esquire, a men’s magazine. Kate hasn’t done a cover for a men’s magazine in over 17 years…

So what exactly persuaded Kate to turn to men’s magazines again? It must be something special considering that for almost two decades, we’ve been seeing Kate everywhere in women’s magazines only. Well, the editor of British Esquire, Alex Bilmes, just about managed to sway her by calling in her close friends, photographer Craig McDean and stylist, Katie England. That editor certainly knows the right cards to play!

Kate Moss Eats At The Ivy

“Kate Moss is my generation’s embodiment of home-grown sex, glamour, hedonism and insouciant cool,” said Bilmes. “She’s also a uniquely British figure, and one who for too long has been monopolised by women’s fashion magazines. So I am thrilled that we’ve persuaded her to front our special issue dedicated to this country’s most stylish people and products. I really can’t imagine anyone better suited to the job.”


Some may see this move as cheapening her whole image, right? Well, I don’t think Kate has any worry that her reputation will be tarnished now. After all, who doesn’t like to stare at moss? Males and females everywhere would happily daze at her for ages so I don’t see the problem with her embracing her blessed looks and figure for a well-established men’s magazine. Besides, Kate isn’t nude and the photoshoot was clearly done tastefully and beautifully. I love the cover shot of Kate in her white jacket and jewelled mesh outfit underneath. Raunchy? Yes. Tasteful? Yes.

The issue is also dedicated to figures ‘made in Britain’ which is perfect for Kate to debut herself again as Kate represents her British hometown, Croydon with pride and we certainly take pride in how she put the UK on the map when it comes to modelling.

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