Justin Timberlake’s Stylish Looks at Cannes 2013

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The ladies at Cannes weren’t the only ones looking gorgeous at Cannes.  The men also looked just as amazing and one man which we couldn’t stop drooling over was Justin Timberlake.

Over the Cannes festival, Justin showed us how for men it doesn’t always have to be black tie affair when it comes to red carpet events like this to look good.  From his hair to his clothes, we have to admit Justin looks fantastic, black tie or not.

Smart and Casual: Great Gatsby Look


The Great Gatsby is what everyone has been talking at the Cannes Film Festival, and it looks as though Justin Timberlake has taken style inspiration from the film to showcase the first look that we love.  For the Inside Llewyn Davis photocall, he wore a navy double breasted cardigan, checked buttoned up shirt and khakis.  For the footwear he opted for some black slip ons.  Now I know it might be look that I could see my dad wearing but Justin seems to pull this off so perfectly, especially with his very stylish hair do.

My husband is always looking for style inspiration for a smarter causal look.  So rather going for a suit which can sometimes look overdressed this a great alternative, however I don’t know how he would feel wearing slip on shoes without the socks.  It seems to be the trend at the moment and I have seen a lot of celebrities going for that look, so will it take off?  We hope so! Yay! Less socks to wash!

Smart: Full on Suit and Tie


For the Great Gatsby Premiere Justin decided to go full on smart with the whole suit and tie look.  Here he is wearing a tux, with a crisp white shirt and black shoes.

We love the classic tuxedo look and Justin looks fabulous in it.  It might be a very safe option but it is sometimes nice to see a man make that extra effort in a tux.  If you’re a man and don’t fancy the idea of fastening a bow tie then go for the pre-tied option.  They are easy as wearing slip on shoes!

So which of Justin Timberlake’s look do you prefer?  His smart but casual Great Gatsby or the full on suit and tie look?  Let us know in our Facebook poll or leave us a comment below…

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