Pasty Pins or Cancer? Sunbeds Increase Your Risk of Skin Cancer by 50%!

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The sun is out and you know that summer is just around the corner! As you get ready to bear your pasty pins for the sun’s rays many of you will be making appointment at your local salons to get on the sunbeds to top up your tan before you bare all!

Catching a bit of the UV rays may seem like an easier alternative to getting a natural tan outdoors but the harsh reality is that it can damage the DNA in our skin cells and cause us cancer. If you don’t believe us then believe the experts:

Cancer Research has said that using the sunbed once or more a month increases your risk of skin cancer by 50%!

It is not often we talk about hard hitting issues such as this, but ask yourself this question…Would you prefer pasty skin over the risk of cancer?

Watch this rather ‘unique and inspiring’ Sunsmart video below by Cancer Research. The video uses the power of the streets and rap to get the message across.

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  • Mori Goldlist, Toronto Canada

    Just dosen’t make sense!
    The rays that come out of tanning beds are the same proportion to what comes out of the sun and hits the planet that is why they are such great sources of natural Vitamin D3 (actually hormone D3).
    The beds offer timers for automatic shut off so even if the user falls asleep, the lights shut off.
    There is, in a properly run salon, a knowledgeable, certified, assistant behind the counter to help guide the user to the right exposure times and frequencies.
    The Hormone D3 from the specific rays of the sun are NEVER toxic like supplements can be.
    Like the sun, the beds cause the body to produce 20-25,000 (!!!) International Units of Hormone D3 in a half hour exposure. Compare that to the 1,000 IU’s that the medical profesion is telling us we need. The 1,000 units might be enough to keep us away from rickets, but if the whole body needed only 1000, why is it capable of producing 25,000!!!!!!???? Answer is that the sun wants us healthy… the BIG PHARM corporations can’t make their trillions of dollars from healthy people.
    Almost daily, researchers around the world are finding new importances for Hormone D3 but they lack the funds or the mandate to make their findings public. BIG PHARM keeps regurgatating the same old findings that they paid for years and years ago and spening fortunes to make us believe that teir interest is in our health instead of the trillions that they make by selling their remedies and theie remedies for the side effects of the remedies that they sold us in the first place!!!

    Grow Up! They want you stupid and lamblike!