Go sky-high with platform heels!

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topshop_platforms1It may not be summer, or the 70s, but platform heels are back! Everywhere you look celebrities are donning various pairs of high colourful skyscraper heels. With bright colours back in fashion you can wear any colour from red to green and still not look out of place walking down Oxford Street.

They ooze sex appeal and yet still have a fun and sassy feel, so whatever the event, you’ll find a pair that will go with any outfit.

They’re great for those who want to elongate their legs or just give us shorter girls a bit more height!

Macy's Herald Square Welcomes Christina Aguilera

You can choose to go classic, sleek and sexy like Christina Aguilera in this gorgeous black heels that make her look both vintage and stunning.

2009 Independent Spirit Awards - Arrivals

If you are looking for a more summery fresh look then wedged platform heels are the way to check, just see how Mariah Carey pulls It off in Santa Monica in this strappy black pair.

Hayden Panettiere looks fierce as she stops by Yummy Cupcakes for some treats

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere manages to strike a balance between glamorous and fun with a strappy black pair that go great with her skinny jeans and standing at just over five foot the platforms really help her seem leaner and taller.

There’s no need for you to feel like you have to empty out your bank account just to keep up with the latest celeb trend. I have managed to rummage over the net to find you some steals below:

Fashion Steals

Debenhams' Black Clatly Court Shoes - £75.00

Debenhams' Black Clatly Court Shoes - £75.00

Topshop's SAFARI-VooDoo Inspired Sandal - £70.00

Topshop's SAFARI-VooDoo Inspired Sandal - £70.00

Remember: You never know, you’re mum may even have a real vintage pair lurking around that will give you that original edge, plus it’s free!

Also don’t forget to check markets, charity shops and eBay, they’ll be full of pairs from the summer of love and no one else will have them so there’ll be no more panicking about turning up at a party wearing the same thing as someone else.

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