Princess Beatrice to auction controversial Royal Wedding hat for UNICEF

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Before the Royal Wedding took place, speculation was rife about what the members of the Royal family and of course, Kate Middleton, would be wearing, so when we were finally given a glimpse of all of their outfits on the big day, the fashion world went Royal Wedding crazy.

Fashion sites all over the world revealed and discussed exactly who was wearing what on the big day, but it was Princess Beatrice’s ribbon-adorned nude coloured hat that caused the most controversy.

The Philip Treacy design has been compared to many funny and wacky objects and has even gained it’s own Facebook page where over 135,000 fans have poked fun at it. Designer Philip Treacy claims that he loved the hat. Talking to HollyWoodLife, the designer said: “My inspiration was beauty and elegance. It’s a 21st century royal wedding. They didn’t tell me what they wanted because I’ve known them for a long time and I wanted them to look gorgeous and beautiful. I thought they looked gorgeous and beautiful – but no one is crying if anyone didn’t.”

Princess Beatrice’s mother, Sarah Ferguson, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show recently and discussed the controversy surrounding the hat. She told the talkshow host that her daughter is putting the hat on popular auction website eBay to help raise funds for UNICEF and for children in crisis.

Whatever everybody thinks of the hat, after it is sold it will hopefully disappear from the public eye and help to raise money for a good cause.

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