Taiwan Celebrate Lady Gaga Day

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It is hard not to see, but Lady Gaga is taking the world by storm! Not only is she known for her music and eccentric fashion sense but many also perceive her to be an ‘American sex symbol for the next generation’. However it isn’t the West that is in love with her as she is has made a name for herself in the Far East too, so much so that her Taiwanese fans have created a day dedicated to her called Lady Gaga day.

After her first performance at in Taiwan the other night, many fans recreated costumes and a full catwalk fashion show to coincide with the promotional trail of her new album ‘Born This Way.’ The catwalk show comprised of many of Lady Gaga’s unique looks which included her famous meat dress to her coloured hair wigs.

The fans aren’t the only ones getting involved the in Gaga fever, the whole country is embracing Gaga Day as the city government of Greater Taichung have laid on a welcome party for the star, where thousands of fans are expected to turn up.

However, as she has created popularity amongst one of the Far Eastern countries, another one, Japan, may not share the same consensus as it was reported last week that she had been keeping some of the proceeds from the Japanese disaster charity bracelet for herself. There is still no update on whether Lady Gaga will be taken to court.

We are hoping that the Japanese allegations aren’t true but if they are then could this dent Lady Gaga’s popularity? It might be hard to! Lady Gaga hasn’t only been a round a few years, however her fan base is growing in the numbers. Many love her for her music but others are more in awe with what she wears and always manages to get away with. What we might finding shocking and distasteful on someone else we find absolutely acceptable on Lady Gaga and this is because she has the confidence to push the boundaries.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s style? Do you think she takes things a little too far? Do you think Taiwan should be dedicating a day to her? Leave your comments below…

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