Topshop to go even more global?

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So it seems Kohl’s isn’t the only chain of stores making movements out there.  British brand Topshop is set to add to their ventures abroad following nothing but positive feedback since their New York opening.

China and India’s retail markets are being considered as the clothing stores next stop, with a deal already being signed for the state of Chicago to be a future home for another of their stores.

It turns out a deal with India was in talks last year, but nothing was ever acted upon or set in stone, however with sales still on the up in store as well as shipments following orders being made online, why not expand the business?

Kate Moss was the latest celebrity to feature her clothing line in store, allowing for her fans and shoppers of Topshop to have the best of both worlds; being given the chance to purchase the look of Kate Moss from their favourite retailer.

Who’s to say there won’t be plenty more celebrities to bring their lines to the store?  And if deals for India and China are eventually made official this will be made even more possible.

Topshop is definitely being put on the map.

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