The iWatch – The Concept That Needs To Be A Reality

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The last time I looked there really weren’t any watched out there that did anything remotely cool like the iPhone does. Some can take low res photos or store information sure, but this would really change a lot of things.

A concept thought up by Italy’s ADR Studio that at the moment is only an image an ideas, but if the lovely Steve Jobs wanted to pick it up, I think it would be an insanely massive hit. One thing Apple is missing at the moment is a truely innovative timepiece.

The iWatch has aluminum casing, a 16GB internal storage and a full colour LCD screen, the image indicates it would be touch sensitive also. You can even connect it to your iPhone or  iPad via bluetooth or wifi to transfer images etc.

This gadget would allow you to answer phone calls when you iPhone is burried in your bag or in another room and even display RSS feeds on the go! Don’t like the small screen to view your photos? That’s no problem, find a suitable wall and use it as a projection screen and the iWatch would allow you to blow these up on a wall with it’s built-in pico projector.

Images via larryfire.

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