Dr LeWinn’s Skincare Products: Trust the Professionals

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With so many beauty and skin products out there it is impossible to find a brand that you can trust. Walking past every skin care counter and you are bombarded by sales assistants persuading you that their products achieve amazing results. You walk away feeling even more confused than when you started. As some of these products charge a premium, why would you commit to buying a product that won’t show results?

When it comes to Skincare products, I look at the credibility of the product and the makers behind the brand. This is why I love Dr LeWinn’s Skincare products…

About Dr LeWinn

Dr. LeWinn was one of the world’s most distinguished plastic surgeons. 

As the founder of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Philadelphia, the Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Hershey Medical Centre Pennsylvania and the Director of Plastic Surgery Institute, Palm Springs USA. Dr. LeWinn was respected and renowned in his profession and his expert advice was sought by dermatologists, cosmetic scientists and celebrity clients who wanted recommendations on how to improve the skin’s appearance.

His response was to develop his own skincare range capable of delivering remarkable results against the visible signs of ageing. The results were indeed remarkable, but in order to ensure his range of skincare products was the best it could be, he decided to continue testing his formulations in the harshest climate on earth, Australia. The success of this experiment is embodied in the fact that Dr. LeWinn’s has been named as the Top Performing Premium Skincare brand in Australia for the last unprecedented 11 years.

It has also fostered the establishment of the Dr LeWinn’s Research Centre with operations in both Australia and the United States. The Dr. LeWinn’s Research Centre is dedicated to ongoing research to ensure that our products contain the most advanced ingredients and innovations available anywhere in the world today. That’s why so many of our products are the first to contain ingredients that others can only follow.

Whatever their life stage, women trust Dr. LeWinn’s to keep their skin beautiful and healthy as from the very beginning Dr. LeWinn established a lasting commitment to push the boundaries in anti-ageing skincare with top performing quality products. The products were revolutionary, credible, accessible and innovative, and few companies can demonstrate an equal dedication to research and investment. Even fewer can rival the integrity and heritage of Dr. LeWinn’s expertise in the beauty industry. Its cutting edge ingredients lead to a difference you can both see and feel.

The technology and ongoing research create top performing quality products, which effectively fight the visible signs of ageing.

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