Shigoto Fashion: Harem to the Extreme!

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Shigoto FashionHarem is the word of the moment.  Originally used to describe the women’s quarters in a Muslim palace, but now more readily applied to summer 2009’s trouser of choice.  Celebrities, designers and high street shops are all going gaga for this trend, although the lady herself  is yet to be spotted in them.

Although these controversial trousers are new to the western fashion scene, they have, in essence, been an integral part of Japanese culture for centuries. The Samurai wore very wide pantaloon type trousers to give them greater agility in battle. Today, the same theory is applied to the Japanese construction worker who wears an updated version of the Samurai baggy trousers.  The Tobi pants allow the wearer to bend, stretch and stride more easily- perfect for a builder.

The up and coming Japanese label Shigoto has gone one step further and once again adapted the Samurai style pantaloon to make a modern day streetwear statement.  The Tobi pants follow the same idea, as the bagginess of the trousers taper in at the bottom. The Tobi even has a handy zip at the end of the trouser legs and as the fabric of the pants are not slinky like the harems, the wideness can be adjusted to ‘inflate’ the chosen part of the leg.

To avoid looking like an MC Hammer/Samurai/Japanese construction worker disaster, pair these pants with a tight-fitting vest top, tucked in with a waist belt bringing the look together. Heels or flats will go but keep them modern. This is not the time to be wearing winkle-pickers.

Shigoto also offer a version of the tradition Japanese Tabi shoes which are essentially split-toed boots also favoured by the Japanese construction worker. The label suggests that these shoes are to be paired with the trousers but this look is perhaps best left on the building site.

Visit Shigoto Fashion to get your does of the East Asian harem.

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