Kendell Jenner’s Indian Inspired Hoop Nose Ring: Nay or Yay?

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Seen at the Lacoste’s Coachella party, the gorgeous Kendell Jenner embraced some rather eccentric South Asian facial jewellery.


Indian brides traditionally wear a hoop nose ring connected to an earring on their wedding day and Kendell Jenner was seen wearing something reminiscent of this at the Coachella festival. Paired with a tube top and a headscarf wrapped round like a hairband, the enormous silver hoop ring, connected to an earring via a chain definitely suggested inspiration from the South Asian sub continent.

As my ethnic origin is also of a South Asian decent, however I decided against wearing the hoop ring. The reason being is that such a large item hides most of your face. If you have paid good money for a make up artist it kind of defeats the object. Also, I think they are a potential safety hazard. Imagine being greeted by an over enthusiastic guest who accidentally pulled against the chain and yanks the nose ring off! Ouch!

We’ve seen these on the runway before, however this is the first time I have seen something so large being worn by a celebrity. So could we see more this trend catching on in the mainstream? If your daring enough then you can find similar items at most South Asian bridal shops. Unfortunately, this a trend that I won’t be adopting!

What do you think of the Indian inspired hoop ring? Love or hate?  Those who would like embrace the trend, the shop here

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