Cara Delevingne Lands New Role on the Silver Screen!

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Cara Delevingne’s career may not be centered around modelling anymore as she is rumoured to have landed a leading role in a new film…

Although it’s not certain, it’s likely that you will be seeing Cara starring in her first lead role in the upcoming British film, Kids In Love. The expected director of the film, Preston Thompson is yet to comment on the speculation but we have a feeling that it’s not just a rumour!

“It will be Cara’s first big screen role, so she’s really excited about it and is eager to make sure that she does a good job. Her name in itself will obviously be a big draw for the film too,” says a spokesperson from The Daily Mail.

Rita Ora And Cara Delevingne At The Box Club

Cara’s always had an interest in the film industry and in her audition tape for Vogue TV, she humorously called for top directors like Spielberg to hire her. The passion didn’t stop at some jokes as she landed her first film role in Anna Karenina where she acted along with the likes of Keira Knightley.

An Actress at Heart?

So it seems that this won’t exactly be a whole new idea for Cara to jump into just because she’s pretty much everywhere right now. If she genuinely has an ambition to pursue film too than this could be a fantastic opportunity for her, especially considering the film is about a group of affluent young Londoners whose lives revolve around drugs and parties. I can’t imagine anyone more perfect to star in the latest rebellious film for youngsters!

Cara Delevingne Poses For DKNY

Cara definitely has the edge and personality to pull of the role if this is true and I can already imagine her playing an out-of-control teenager stumbling out of a house party with smeared eyeliner, can’t you? We already know she can do wonders in front of a camera lens and a video camera would be no different, I’m sure. I still adore her photo-shoot where she cozies up to the save Pharrell Williams in the latest, September issue of Vogue. Perhaps we’ll see both of them together in this latest venture?

No word of the film has been released on IMBD yet so until we get some updates, we’ll just have to keep hoping that we’ll be fan-girling at Cara on the big screen soon!

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