Kim Kardashian’s Celebrity Style: Clone Her Corset Dress Look

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Being experimental with your clothes shows how expressive you are as a person and Kim Kardashian has proved how imaginative she really is when it comes to fashion.  She has mixed two different styles – sophisticated and biker chick – into one and looks great with the look she has created.

Starting off with the sophisticated and girly look, Kim is wearing a fitted grey dress that sits about an inch above her knee.  The hood that is attached to the dress brings a sense of fun and a more laid-back approach to her outfit, emphasising a girly style.

Then the finishing touches with the black leather gloves, high heels and low fitting corset slightly takes over the lady look by adding a touch of sexiness and confidence with the tough exterior that the leather clothes resemble.

So if you have the confidence to wear this outfit, take a look at where these clothes are available in your favourite retail stores.  Then to add more accessories, go for subtle pieces of jewellery to add a bit of sparkle like a silver necklace or bright studded earrings.

Clone Kim Kardashians’s Corset Dress Look…

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