Olivia Lee is ‘Doing Something Different’ with Isklar Water

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Olivia Lee might be best known for her time on UK television shows Balls of Steel and Prank TV where she would often annoy and embarrass celebrities while on the red carpet. Her most notorious pranks consisted of her interviewing celebs while holding various objects in place of her microphone. The pranks often got her into a bit of trouble, but now funny women Olivia is ‘doing something different’ in collaboration with Isklar Water.

In this special video, Olivia tries her hand at being a paparazzi photographer, photographing celebrities who she has ‘accidentally’ mistaken for someone else. Of course, her fiery attitude comes in handy as Olivia will do anything to get the best photograph possible, including laying down on the red-carpet to photograph her favourite TV duo, Sam & Mark who she has mistaken for Ant & Dec.

Olivia Lee’s funny antics is all in aid of showing people that she drinks Isklar water and does it differently, just like the popular brand. Isklar is all about doing something different which is what Isklar does best. Isklar water is the only bottled water to come from a glacier, from Norway and be in an unusually shaped bottle.

Olivia Lee fronts their new campaign and challenges people to do different by showing her being a graffiti artist and a member of the paparazzi at the radio awards. She can be different, expressive and outrageous as this campaign reveals. Drink Isklar and be different, stand out from the crowd and see what becomes of following them on Facebook! Do you have it in you to take up a lifetime of weekly challenges in doing things differently?

Find Isklar on Facebook and visit OliviaLee.com

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