Sarah Jessica Parker’s Celebrity Style: Clone Her Heart Shaped Pendant Look

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So I’m guessing the majority of the female population are as excited as I am for the second helping of Sex and the City the movie?  The girls Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha will be back on our movie screens at the end of the month and if you’re like me, one thing you are looking forward to seeing is their new wardrobes!

From Chrissy Lou’s to Jimmy Choo’s the girls are always sporting items we all dream of owning whether it be a beautiful dress or simply an eye catching accessory.

Here SJP is spotted wearing a gold heart shaped pendant; a charm that would act as the perfect gift for groups of girlfriends everywhere, wanting to symbolising their love and unity for each other.  The thick, ringed chain also makes for a cute, bold accessory. Want to get into the SATC spirit?

Check out how to clone her look below…

Clone Sarah Jessica Parker’s Look…

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