Jodie Foster Partners with Giorgio Armani

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Design house Giorgio Armani partners with actress Jodie Foster to create costumes for her upcoming film Elysium.

The top designer has been working with head of wardrobe for the film Elysium, April Ferry, to create a collection of futuristic costumes with high fashion panache.

The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards Press Room in LA

Foster stars in the sci-fi film set in 2154 with actor Matt Damon. It sees wealthy humans fleeing a devastated planet earth to take refuge on a space station.

“My real personal pleasure with Elysium was to be given the honour of outfitting my long-time friend Jodie Foster,” Armani spoke out about the collaboration. “She remains one of my favourite actresses. I admire her work, her talent, her life. I’m captivated by how she personifies the world of 2154 while also making my designs utterly timeless.”

It’s no wonder Armani have such a strong relationship with the actress; Jodie is rarely seen on the red carpet without her trusty Armani outfit. It’s her staple, go-to designer, and it’s easy to see why. With their clean cut lines and sophisticated tailoring, Armani are perfect for a grown-up gown without any of the fuss that seems to suit her laidback style perfectly.

Here are some Jodie Foster and Armani red carpet moments:

Jodie wore a stunning blue metallic/sequinned dress which fell to the floor in a figure slimming style, neither too bodycon or voluminous. The colour really complimented her pale skin tone and the detail around the neck added a focal point. She kept her hair and make-up simple, sporting a sleek bob and smoky eye make-up.

The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in LA

Jodie looks a little bleak in this black Armani number. The completely black look washes her out and the velvet jacked doesn’t fit her well enough to be flattering. Overall this look is a little dowdy, not their best collaboration to date.

Celebrities Attending The Armani Fashion Show During Paris Fashion Week (USA AND OZ ONLY)

However, Jodie and Armani make a triumphant return in this midnight blue, satin, floor length dress, which she wore to Cannes Film Festival. This really is the colour for her; she looked radiant and ladylike with the minimum of fuss.

64th Annual Cannes Film Festival - "The Beaver" Premiere 5 (USA AND OZ ONLY)

What do you think of Jodie Foster in Armani?

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