Amy Winehouse’s Make Up: How to Get Her Look?

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Apart from Amy Winehouse’s Beehive up do, another thing which springs to mind when thinking about the late singer is her make up. Her cat eyeliner look is what I most remember about her and thought it would be a good look to recreate so check out how to below:

Copy Amy Winehouse’s Make Up

What you need…

How to…
  1. Apply your base which should consist of only Foundation and Concealer. Do not add any blusher or bronzer. If you notice Amy Winehouse has gone for the pale look and this is what we are trying to achieve.
  2. Brush some Light Eyeshadow to your eyelids.
  3. Begin by at Liquid Eyeliner to your lids. We recommend you use a fine tip eyeliner brush and start with the inner corners of your eyes and extend outwards so that the liner reaches the brow. Then bring the eyeliner back down so you can create your thin triangle eyeliner shape at the corner of the eyes.
  4. For your bottom lashes apply some make Brown Eyeshadow.
  5. To finish off the look apply some black Volumising Mascara or if you want to get extra glam invest in some Fake Eyelashes.
  6. So that you place emphasis on your eyes, keep your lips looking simple by adding some Pink Sheer Lipgloss.
Check out this make up tutorial below for extra tips on achieving the Amy Winehouse look…

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