Style Trend 2010: Double Denim is Back

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Do you dare to wear double denim?  It has been branded as the worst fashion statement ever but as the saying goes, “don’t knock it till you try it.”  The 80’s trend is now making a comeback to our catwalks and retail stores.

Catwalk Fashion

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The idea is to wear an outfit that is completely denim.  But you don’t have to be restricted to blue denim.

We tend to stick to one or two shades of denim but there is so much variation out there that you should try.  You can experiment with black, grey, beige, navy and stonewashed colours.  Then once you’ve got the colour, you can choose from denim tops, skirts, jackets, shirts, bra tops and shorts.

Celebrity Fashion – Jessica Alba

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Now if you don’t think you can carry off this trend, the key is to get it right.  You need variety.  If you were to wear denim jeans and a denim jacket, you will need to vary the colours.  Jessica Alba has done it perfectly.

She has used black and blue denim.  They are two contrasting colours, which prove that double denim can look right instead of going horribly wrong.  Also, with her blue top slightly tucked into her jeans, Jessica has managed to break up the denim without using a belt.

Although Jessica hasn’t opted for a lot of accessories, they can also balance out the denim.  Use scarf’s, long necklaces and belts to create a more polished look.  This way we know you have put thought into your denim and not just thrown on the only clean clothes you could find.

Now with Jessica as a role model for double denim looking great, ask yourself again.  Do you dare to try denim?

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