Save Money and Recycle: Swishing for the Fashion Swingers!

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Must keep fit, must give up smoking, must reduce my carbon footprint and must save money! Do these all sound all too familiar? Yes, I know what you’re thinking, these are some of the New Years Resolutions you’ve decided to keep this year.

Like any self respecting fashionista I decided to hit the shops on New Years day to grab myself a bargain. In a rush of panic I decided to grab as much as my little arms could take! However, as I got home I found that in my mad flurry I had picked some hideous items which will just sit there in my wardrobe till the end of time.

So what do you do if the sale item is non-returnable? Well you could stick it on Ebay…but where’s the fun in that?!

Instead I have just come across a new craze that is hitting all fashion-loving women like me. Swishing is the name for it, and is a perfect way for women to get together, enjoy a good old natter and swap clothes. Now when I mean ‘swap’ clothes I don’t mean literally they turn up at the event and swap the clothes they already have on with some other person there, no…basically people sign up to go to an event near them and bring with them at least one clean, good quality item of clothing to donate to party.

So ladies, whether you’ve got caught up in the New Year’s mad shopping frenzy and now want to cash in the clothes for something more desirable or maybe you’ve been hit by the credit crunch bug and instead of splashing out on a new handbag want to see whether you can pick something up for free then Swishing is definitely for you!

The main rules are apart from the obvious; no biting, scratching or fighting, is that that people can leave with as many items as they want. However this does makes me think that there might be some jammy individual who brings only one item and trolleys away with a magnitude of clothes. How fair does that sound? Not very fair to me!

However, that aside, think about all the fun you could have as you nibble on a few snacks, down a few glasses of wine and compare notes on fashion with like minded people.

However, the greatest thing about the whole event is that not only have you saved yourself some money by not going out and splashing out on some shoes for £100 and instead bagged something absolutely free. You also get a nice feeling that you have given that item of clothing (which would have hung inside your wardrobe for ages) a good home where someone will appreciate it more than you.

So as you tick off saving money on your new years resolution list, you will also be crossing off re-cycling too as it is like passing good energy on. Not only are you saving the planet but you get a new wardrobe!

So why not give it a go by checking out some of the events near you by going to and kick start your new years resolutions.

Or if not check out which an online swishing site. It works in exactly the same way as a normal Swishing event, the only difference being is they only allow you take as many items as you are offering. That way it’s kept fair and you’ll always be left with a choice of items to take.

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