Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Designer Shortlist…McQueen, Temperley or Conran?

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With the Royal wedding in almost two weeks time, the Royals are remaining tight lipped about Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.  However, over the past months there has been a fair bit of speculation on who will design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress but with time ticking away we give you three likely designers who maybe destined to make Kate Middleton’s wedding dress shortlist…Tell us if you agree…

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s creative director, Sarah Burton seems to be the front runner for designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.

An insider source told Grazia magazine: ‘Apart from when they are incredibly busy in the run-up to fashion week, everyone arrives at the same time.’ However it has been speculated that the seamstresses at McQueen’s head office have been arriving unusually early.

Alice Temperley

Alice Temperley was seen speaking to Kate sister’s Pippa and mother Carole outside her London boutique, which has made people suspicious that maybe they were talking about Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. However, although this is rumour we would take it as a pinch of salt, especially if they were discussing wedding dresses surely Kate would be the one doing the discussions?

Jasper Conran

Yes you heard it right, there is now rumours that Jasper Conran will be designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, especially as it has been revealed that the British designer’s removed his entire bridal collection from his website, another weird coincidence?

So who will it be? Obviously our bets are on Alexander McQueen, however could we be barking up the wrong tree? Will Jasper or Alice steal the rights to design Miss Middleton’s wedding dress?

It has been rumoured that Kate wants to keep it a surprise and just like an episode from Eastenders, where they shoot two scenes incase there is a press leak, Kate is supposedly doing the same with her dresses. It is rumoured that she has purchased three dresses from three different designers to give us a surprise on the day! We can’t wait!

Who do you think? McQueen, Temperley or Conran?

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