Pippa Middleton’s Modalu Handbag Sold Out: Get the Copycats Instead

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It is clear that everyone wants to look like the Middleton sisters and copy their looks. Pre-wedding, Kate Middleton’s engagement dress sold out in days and replica sapphire engagement rings sky-rocketed after Kate showed off her famous rock to the world.

Well, we thought that after the Royal wedding, we would only be chasing the looks for Kate, however we never expected the popularity of her younger sister Pippa. Since the wedding, designers have been working hard to make replica dresses of her famous Sarah Burton bridesmaid gown and her Alice Temperley emerald green reception dress as demand increases. Well, the demand for Pippa outfits is growing and retailers are cashing in on the profits.

One proud London company, Modalu, has already seen the demand of their ‘Bristol’ back increase after Pippa Middleton was spotted holding the bag the day after the wedding. With gold-colored statement zippers and classic structure, the bag retails for 149 British pounds, or about $244 dollars.

Not only has demand increase, but looking at the retailer’s website the handbag has already sold and is only available to pre-order. However, if you’re looking to get your hands on one then you better wait until June 22nd as this when they will be shipped. So if you can’t wait until then, then check out some of the copycat clones:

1. Marc Jacobs Handbag – $158     2. Debenhams Handbag – £85
3. Reed Krakoff Handbag – £875     4. Kate Spade Handbag – £345
5. Burberry Handbag – $1395     6. John Lewis Handbag – £119

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  • http://www.pippa-middleton.co.uk Pippa Fan

    I really like #2 – was very surprised to see that was the cheapest one!

  • LA Bagista

    I had never heard of Modalu bags before Pippa. While I like the Reed Krakoff and Kate Spade bags, I think Pippa should have gone with the Kooba Olive.

  • lety

    I just received Pippas Inspired Dress, I love it! Ordered it at http://www.pippasdresses.com!!!!

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  • Anna

    These handbags are nice, BUT are not close enough to the Pippa bag!

  • LA Bagista

    @Anne – Is it the bag or the celeb? If Pippa had worn a Kooba bag, I would imagine that people would say nothing else was close.

  • lois m talbot

    i live in east hartford, ct, where would i have to go to purchase a
    pippa bag copy ? and also her white flats and the tan wedges she
    was seen in? I love pippa’s whistles jacket and her breifcase of
    laptop case, where would i find those items? i’m a reasonble shopper and don’t like spending too much money on myself if i canhelp it.

    oh yes one more thing, the black braided espardrils she wore with
    her jeans on july 7th, (she was leaving work), she has extremly
    good taste with clothes and accessorys. i love everything she does. and i say, to copy someone is the highest complement you can give a person !!

  • Kwatson

    The “Pippa Bag” is so simple….why can’t someone come up with something close? And be sure they are not made in a sweat shop. Even if I could afford the real thing I would not buy it now that it is known where they are produced, and by whom.

    Just looking for the PERFECT bag!!!! :)