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2010 has been an amazing year for fashion, we’ve seen wild wedges, cool clogs, double denim and camel colours, to name a few, and we’ve loved and embraced them all, but as the clocks chime in the New Year, we must make way for new trends, new cuts, prints and patterns.

We’ve compiled a list of the key trends for 2011 and by this time next year, they will hopefully all be sitting comfortably in your wardrobe.

Sheer Maxi
Maxi dresses are hugely popular every Spring/Summer and 2010 was no different. There were more Maxi dresses available than you can imagine and they all came in a variety of colours and patterns and the Maxi Skirt quickly followed for Autumn 2010.

Moving into 2011, a new twist on the Maxi Dress has already appeared. Supermodel Abby Lee Kershaw has already been spotted rocking the trend with a pair of biker boots. The sheer maxi allows the wearer to show off a little flesh without going over the top. It’s already a huge hit with celebrities such as the Olsen Twins as well as on the runways of Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and Chloé.

Heavy Metal
The Metallic colour trend for 2011 means we’ll be more daring with gold, silver and bronze pieces. They are no longer gaudy colours that you should stay well away from, now you can wear them with pride in glamorous party outfits or even in office wear with the use of subtle base tone metallics.

Metallic satins were seen on the runways of Emporio Armani and Balmain at Paris Fashion Week this year, and the trend has already been seen on the likes of Katy Perry and Ashley Greene.

Tail Hems
Dresses and tops that have been cut longer at the back are going to rule 2011. They fill the gap between the mini and the midi’s and give you comfort while covering your modesty.

Tail hems are flirty and are a fun twist on otherwise standard dresses, skirts and tops. Tail hem blouses are a great alternative for smart work wear, while more casual tops will be wearable with a cool pair of leggings.

Designer Osman Yousefzada’s launched tail hems in his London Fashion Week S/S11 Catwalk show, working them with sophisticated tailoring. We already know this trend is going to be extremely popular as the likes of Topshop have already included the trend firmly within their Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook.


Thanks to the likes of Mark Fast and his Spring/Summer 2011 catwalk collection, Tassels are back for 2011. This time they’re longer, oversized and brightly coloured and aren’t just for clothing, but they’re perfect for shoes, bags and purses, and even belts and hats. Topshop have their finger on the pulse yet again as they are a huge embellishment within their Unique 2011 collection.

Every year the Nautical trend is re-born and given a slight twist to keep it fresh and new. The 2011 trend for stripes is just an element of the Nautical trend, but it has been given a bold twist with the use of bright, right colours such as reds and yellows as well as the standard blue and white. Appearing on the Spring 2011 runways of Jason Wu, Jil Sander and Moschino, this year stripes are also wider and most fashionable horizontally.

Every few years, the most popular fashions from past decades are recycled and refreshed ready for a new season. 2011 is no different as we welcome the return of the 1970s.

Flares and Bellbottom trousers are more commonly associated with the 1970s and they are already a strong contender for 2011 after appearing on the runways of Pucci and Derek Lam. Denim is one of the biggest themes running through the 1970s trend, appearing in denim skirts, capes and jackets as well as denim bell bottom flares.

So there we have it, some of the hottest fashion trends for 2011. Having already appeared on the catwalks at various Fashion Weeks all over the world, the trends will soon be weasling their way onto the high street. Topshop have already included a number of the trends into their Unique 2011 collection and it won’t be long until others follow suit.

It’s well worth keeping your eyes peeled as the trends slowly pop up in time for the Spring. Although new for 2011, many of them, such as Stripes and 1970s, have been huge before, which means you can dig them out of your wardrobe again, give them a dusting down and freshen them up and they’ll be ready for 2011.

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    2010 has been an amazing year for fashion, we

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    2010 has been an amazing year for fashion, we