Lindsay Lohan ‘Dresses Down’ for Court as She’s Sentanced to Jail

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Lindsay Lohan has graced our film screens since the fun-loving comedy The Parent Trap back in 1998.  Since then she has had leading roles in films such as Freaky Friday, Herbie: Fully Loaded and the ever so popular Mean Girls.  But recently, the 24-year-old actress has been making headlines for not so successful reasons.

You’ve all heard about her wayward antics whilst she was seeing singer/songwriter Samantha Ronson and it seems her crazed past has now caught up with her.  Following her misdemeanor drug charges where she was caught under the influence of cocaine in 2007 and reckless driving under the influence of alcohol (and over the limit), Lindsay was then on three years probation.  From then, she was supposed to attend alcohol education classes.  These were arranged by the court and Miss Lohan was advised not to miss any.

Actress Lindsay Lohan departs the Beverly Hills courthouse following the sentencing by Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel during a probation status hearing in Beverly Hills, California on July 6, 2010. Revel sentenced Lohan to 90 days in jail Tuesday after ruling she violated probation in a 2007 drug case by failing to attend court-ordered alcohol education classes.  UPI/Jim Ruymen Photo via Newscom

However, she couldn’t quite abide by these rules and a Californian judge has now sentenced the star to 90 days in prison.  Hearing the news in court, Lindsay broke down into tears, clearly shocked at the verdict read out to her.  Earlier, when arriving at the court, Lindsay dressed professionally in a high-neck black top and grey bootleg trousers but after lunch recess she had a change of heart and dressed down in a less formal black jumpsuit and white cardigan.  Some say this swayed the judges decision but why was the sentence so harsh?

Well, it seems Lindsay missed a number of her alcohol education classes causing her SCRAM bracelet to go off and if she did show up, she would rarely be on time.  On one occasion, she claims to have had her passport stolen when away at the Cannes film festival promoting a film project, which is why she could not attend.  But what about the other meetings?  In her defense she said: “I did do everything I was told to do and did the best I could to balance out jobs and showing up.”

The judge listened to her apology but found it insincere and untruthful.  Now Lindsay has to turn herself in on July 20th and start serving her sentence.  In the meantime she has to wear an ankle alcohol tag for monitoring.

How has it all gone wrong for Lindsay?

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