The Brand New Polaroid PIC 1000 Instant Camera

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With Polaroid’s cool stock hitting the roof it is no surprise they are releasing a new and stylish camera to keep up with their new image, what is a surprise is that the Polaroid Pic Instant Camera uses the old Polaroid Color 600 Instant Film that it first stopped making but is now back with a vengance! With it’s famous white boarders and waving it about in the air to get it to develop, this is just the modern-retro injection 2010 needs.

Having been pushed to the back of the queue when digital camera’s came onto the scene, Lady Gaga becoming their new creative director has given them a new lease of life! And this new camera is sure to be a hit when it comes out this year for about $100 or £65.   The last time I used a Polaroid was when I was about 10 with my Spice Cam and the film was very pricey, so let’s hope it’s a bit more affordable this time round so your photos will be worth every penny.

Images via technabob.

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