The World’s first See-Through Toaster! By Magimix

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We all have our own particular way of liking how we have our toast. Some like it lightly slightly, and some borderline charcoal. Well now with the Vision toaster from Magimix you can for the first time, see you bread as it toasts! Ensuring you get it just how you like it. You get everything you expect from Magimix, stylish design, sleek lines and quality to give you the best of the best.  It’s the very first of it’s kind with new long life quartz elements for consistent browning making your morning toast more reliable than ever.

Hate burning your fingers from having to delve deep to dig out smaller pieces of bread? They’ve now put in an extra lift lever to make your life a bit easier. Throw in the accurate time to get it spot on and an extra wide slot with automatic centering for the bigger pieces of bread, they’ve created a breakthrough in the perfect toaster!

Don’t feel it’s limited to just bread, you can also brown or warm up other baked goods. Toasted tea cake or warm crossaint anyone? There’s also no need to turn your toaster upside down student stylee to get out all of the crumbs, the Vision toaster comes with it’s own removable tray.  To make it even better it comes with 3 year guarantee with Gold Seal Home Collection Service.
RRP £160 All Magimix products are available from department stores, good independent retailers and cook shops.

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