Menswear Given Dash of Sparkle from Swarovski Elements

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There have been three words on every fashion lovers lips over the last few weeks; Milan Fashion Week.

Women’s clothing has long taken center stage of all the fashion celebrations, but this time it was the menswear that has got everyone talking. Swarovski Elements has taken their mens range to new heights by joining teams with 16 well-known designers to add a bit of exclusive pizzazz to every man’s existing wardrobe.

Gentleman's Club

A few of the designers commissioned to assist Swarovski in their new collection are Emporio Armani, Gianfranco Ferre and Dior Homme. The range includes everything from tuxedos to necklaces to slippers and robes, bringing every aspect of a man’s wardrobe up to date.

Glitz and glamour in a man’s outfit no longer screams ‘drag queen’, instead this new collection would look at home in even the best men’s clubs in the world and prove that a man with Swarovski Elements is a man with style.

Swarovski Slippers

Images: Swarovski Elements

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