Furniture Made To Grow!

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We all remember the classic game Jenga, and so has designer Jung Jae Yup as they have designed this brilliant piece of furniture that you can build- just like Jenga!

This piece in particular is created to be a seat for a toddler, and then a chair for a child growing up and lots of helpful little bits for life! It’s made from simple bits of plywood and birchwood making you wonder whether it’s shelves or a chair, but the beauty of it is that it’s both!

Don’t worry though, it’s also made up of stainless steel to help reinforce the structure so it won’t just fall apart like the actual game.

“Your piece of “Zen,” as this amalgamation is called, grows with you. As you get a larger place to live, need larger items in your home, so too do you get a larger Zen.”

Size: 540 x 640 x 1620(h)
Materials: Birch plywood, stainless steel

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  • Cherryp13

    Where can you buy it?