The Top 5 Leggings Of The Moment

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If the only leggings you have are black then it’s time to re-adjust your wardrobe. Everywhere you look at the moment printed and coloured leggings are popping up everywhere.

5. If you remember my neon post you’ll remember the image of Lady Gaga wearing some Louis Vuitton black and pink leggings. Well I’ve found a similar pair from boohoo for only £10.

Gaga Wet Look Neon Leggings from Boohoo - £10

Gaga Wet Look Neon Leggings from Boohoo - £10

4. Animal print is as popular as always and you’d be crazy not to extend this trend to your legs! Katy Perry is seen here in some pink leopard ones, get a similar pair from New Look again for only £10


3. If you’re a fan of The Ting Tings then you’ll definitely want to invest in a pair of wet looks. They’re great for a night out and with all the metallic accessories out there you shouldn’t miss out. Check out this pair for £20 from Oli.

Rare Wet Look Legging from Oli - £20

Rare Wet Look Legging from Oli - £20

2. Being someone who can’t leave the house without her jeans I found these denim look leggings that are just amazing! You can get them in all types of colours from black to indigo, but the blue ones from Miss Selfridge for £18 are excellent.


1.  Feel like following in the footsteps of Michelle Obama? Then have a look at these white leggings from Peacocks for only a miniscule £5! A worthy number one by all means


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