Kate Middleton Already in Post-Pregnancy Body Regime

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Kate Middleton has been relying on Karin Herzog’s Dynamic Duo to keep cellulite at bay during and after her pregnancy. Is it too soon to be worrying about body image though?

The Dynamic Duo consists of ‘Silhouette’ the anti-cellulite cream and ‘Tonus B12’ the draining cream. These wonder-creams are created with an oxygen-based formula and are from Switzerland.


Karin Herzog say that Silhouette and Tonus B12, “significantly reduce the circumference of the thighs and buttocks when used in conjunction regularly.” Their clinical results state that this ‘Detox in a Box’ improves cellulite by ‘blasting away toxins’ and fatty tissue. Hmm, I’m not sure if that’s just jargon if it really can work miracles.

The proof may lie, however, with Uma Thurman and Victoria Beckham, who are both advocates of the cellulite busting creams since using it to tone their thighs and bottoms after pregnancy.

The Royal Baby Emerges!

Many mothers to be grapple with the idea of losing their pre-baby figure due to excess skin, stretch marks, cellulite and generally gaining weight. But is this too soon for Kate to be worrying? While many women use bio oil and other moisturisers to try and reduce the effect of stretch marks during pregnancy, a little time off once they baby is born is surely just what is needed.

It’s sad that the ever watching media coerce celebrities into panicking about how their post-pregnancy bodies are perceived. The only images of post-pregnancy bodies in the media are unachievable to the everyday woman and accompanied by stories of ‘pinging back’ to their original bodies, as if they are made of elastic.

The message shouldn’t be how Kate’s body is going to back to how it was, because it really shouldn’t have to. The important message is of the strength of women in going through labour and producing life. And, in the Duchess’ case not just life, but a little Prince.

So please, Kate, stop worrying about your figure. You don’t need to erase every sign that you’ve had a baby, because it’s truly something to be proud of.

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