Home Ideas: Top 5 Space Saving Tips for Small Bathrooms

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If you’re blessed with a large bathroom then great, but most of us aren’t which means space is often a problem for us in small bathrooms.  However, they need not be if you follow these 5 simple space saving tips for smaller bathrooms…

1. Compact or Wall Hung Fittings

As space is a major limitation in a small bathroom it is important to ensure that pipes etc and out of sight to give a feeling of minimalism. Consider wall hung toilet with a cistern boxed away out of sight. Another idea would be a wall hung basins which leaves the space totally open below giving you a feeling of more space as there is more floor to see Also, you could even consider adding a small free standing vanity unit below the basin to offer use for storage.

Wall Hung Toilet

Wall Hung Basin

2. Angled Showers

If you’re wanting a large shower but only have space for a small square cubicle one then why not consider an angled shower which fits neatly into the corner of the room. These shower kits are called quadrant corner shower units and the idea is that they allow for more space inside the unit for elbows then square ones.

Quadrant Corner Shower

3. Multi-Functional Bathroom Fittings

When it comes to space, one of the ultimate design rules is to think multi functionality. Install a tall narrow heated towel rail against the wall which can not only be used as a towel heater but also doubles up as a radiator.

Heated Towel Rack

Also, if you’re wanting a bath and shower in your bathroom but space isn’t on your side then think versatility and opt for a bath, with a shower function and a shower screen.

Bath/Shower with Screen

4. Walls and Floor Design

Dependant on your budget, it would be best to go for tiles in a small bathroom. Not only this but consider tiling the walls as well with the same tiles as the floor. This gives a more neater look and offers the illusion of space.

Large rectangular tiles place horizontally will make a small narrow bathroom feel wider and if they are place vertically then it will give the sense of more room with more ceiling height.

5. Storage and Accessories

One of the issues many people have regardless of how big their bathroom is, is clutter. You can often get away with this in a larger bathroom but a smaller bathroom which showcases bathroom cleaning products and vanity products need to be stored away.

Many people think the solution is vanity cupboards, however sometimes as they can be quite large, they can often look very intrusive in a small bathroom. Instead, consider a free standing or corner unit then wall to wall fitted cupboards.

Storage Solutions

Free standing and corner units are often a better solution than wall to wall fitted cupboards. Again think wall hung or long and narrow cupboards for your bathroom. A great look would be to go for mirrored or semi transparent units which offers the feeling of space rather than a clunky fitted vanity unit.

When it comes to accessories in a small bathroom it is important not to over do this. Remember clutters gives the feeling of claustrophobia and enclosure, however that doesn’t mean to say you can’t add splashes of a colour to a simple small colour and accessories are a good way to start. Thing about getting coordinating hand towel, toiler holders etc… which will add some colour and then if you feel it needs more then start adding flowers and maybe a wall painting to add some character.


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