Home Style: 5 Simple Ways to Add Texture to Your Living Room

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Every room in your house should have different textures.  The key to adding texture to your living space is choosing different fabrics and finishes to give the room depth.  Often people think that by adding colour a room can look different, however adding texture offers more subtle but youthful changes to a room.

Inspired by the fashion catwalks adding texture to your living space seems to be the key this season and it can be fun to experiment. There are not set rules or boundaries however one key thing to create a dose of the texture is being creative with your fabrics. Think about you walls, floors and accessories.

Whether you’re updating your current living space or redesigning it altogether, the simplest of changes can transform a boring and uninspired room into something lifelike and vibrant. For example if you have a simple leather coloured couch, cover it with some printed pillows.

If you’re wanting some design inspiration for some textured living then check out this textured inspired living space. You can create a similar look by following 5 simple steps…

1. Debenhams Sofa £899
Choose a sofa is leather or in suede

2. John Lewis Coffee Table £499
Get some woven coffee tables

3. Dwell Woollen Rug £89
Chunky woollen rugs and throws

4. House of Fraser Throws and Cushions from £16
Woollen throws and embroided cushions

5. B&Q Textured Wallpaper £11.98
Find some textured wallpaper for your walls

Now, this has only been shown in a living room, the same can be applied to other living spaces which include your bedroom, study etc.  Remember the key is depth and texture and not colour.  Pick some neutral colours and find your complimentary home accessories to go with it.

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