Sponsored: Grow Old Gracefully or Grow Old Like Amy Winehouse?

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aged_300x250For most celebrities, such as Amy Winehouse and Sarah Harding, partying hard seems to be their ethos as soon as they start reaching stardom.

Long nights, poor diet, smoking and binge drinking are all the necessary evils when you’re celebs but after watching the likes of Amy Winehouse from the start, just wilt away into a dishevelled skeleton like figure you just can’t help wondering what the long terms effects are having on her appearance. We can already see signs of it through her gaunt face, looking tired and haggered. So as she turns 26 years of age shortly (same age as me!) I wonder what her face will look like when she’s 75?!

Now, unfortunately I will have to get out my crystal ball to foresee that one for the future, but if you’re wondering what poor dieting, long nights, drinking alcohol and smoking can do to your skin if it is not looked after properly over time then check out this scary but very realistic viral video by skin experts, Simple below:

There have been countless times when I missed my pilates class because I have been too lazy to drag myself to the gym or decided to grab only a chocolate bar for my lunch break because I just didn’t have the time…but after watching this video it is all making me wonder whether these minor lifestyle malfunctions are work risking what I look like in the future?

It’s all well and good listening to the good old proverb, ‘grow old gracefully’, however if you’re planning on speeding the whole age process through neglecting your skin, late nights, smoking etc… then you can forget this proverb as it will more likely to be ‘grow old like Amy Winehouse’ if you’re not careful!

So if you’re worried about what you’re lifestyle is having on your skins future then visit Simple to take the free Simple Skin Health Check using the exclusive promotional code AGE75 and give your skin a helping hand to a brighter future.

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