Lucky Enough To Grab An iPad2? Now Kit It Out!

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We all wanted one, so did you queue up to get your hands on one? If you were lucky enough to go home with one then it is about time you get your accessories. Your iPad 2 isn’t just a gadget after all, it is a fashion statetment!

Cygnett Anti-Glare Screen Protector for iPad 2.

Ok so let’s start with the basics, if you don’t invest in a screen protector then you may as well key your screen right now. It is SO important I cannot stress that enough.  Basically, you’ll regret it if you don’t buy one, so you might aswell. This one from Cygnett is designed just for the iPad 2, has anti glare which won’t dull the iPad 2 screen. They are easily applied and even boast a bubble free application. So snap one up for £10.25  at Gearzap.

Jivo Executive Buckle Case for Apple iPad 2

Thankfully tan is still massive this season, it’s everywhere so it is only right that your iPad 2 should keep up. This case is really top of the fashion line at the moment with satchels still as popular as they were last year, this case fits in perfectly. Made from top grade buffalo hide you wont miss out on quality, great for men and women, bonus! £24.95 from Mobilefun.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Turn your iPad 2, into a mini computer with this wireless keyboard. Touch screen keys can be a bit tricky when typing for speed so this solves your problems, and it’ll make it feel a bit more like an iMac. Being wireless it means you don’t have to practically sit on your iPad 2 to get it to work, it works from 30 feet away…not that we’d recommend that distance really! £59.99 from Expansys.

Red PU Leather Advanced Pro Case/Cover

Don’t want to have to prop up your iPad 2 when watching a film or just surfing the internet then this could be a great solution. Made from red PU leather it’s decent quality and will last some wear and tear and you travel about. You can get 20 different positions out of this case and you can still charge and sync while using it. There is also a magnetic closure tab so you won’t have to put any pressure onto your favourite gadget when closing it.  £17.95 from bmcDigital.

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