Kate Middleton’s Wedding Transport is Revealed but Would This be Your Choice?

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Although Kate Middleton’s wedding dress designer is being kept under wraps, Buckingham Palace have confirmed that Prince William and Kate Middleton will leave Westminster Abbey on their wedding day in a 1902 State Landu carraige, which is the same carriage Diana, Princess of Wales arrived in. However, Kate will arrive in Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, reportedly chosen by the future princess for its large windows.

Royal or not, wedding transport is something which a large number of brides and grooms will need to consider for their wedding day. Some people may see this as an unnecessary cost, however the way I see it is you only get married once so why not splash out on something special. Obviously you don’t want to pick a car which will outshine the bride on her wedding so the key is to keep things classic and simple.

Kate and William may have decided to choose a carriage to transport them to the reception, but would this be your ideal wedding car? Below, we have compiled a list of popular wedding transportation:

1. Rolls Royce – The Royal Royce is the obvious choice if you want to get out of your bridal outfit with ease. It features media friendly coach doors and large windows and it is not surprising that Kate has chosen this for her arrival car.
2. Vintage Austin – This is true British classic and is a popular choice with many couple.  It has spacious rear doors for the bride to make her entrance in.
3. Classic Bentley – The Classic Bentley is seen by many as the lower alternative to the Rolls Royce but those you want a classical look opt for the Classic Bentely.
4. Mercedes – This is a modern alternative to a wedding car. If you’re looking for something to take you to the wedding venue then this is a likely choice for many people.
5. Limos – The limo is a good wedding car if you have a large entourage of friends and family then this will surely accommodate them all.
6. Horse drawn carriage – If you’re looking for something different, a more eco-friendly alternative and something which will have many guests romanticising how you’ve captured the air of Pride and Prejudice then a Wedding Horse-drawn carriage could be your answer.
7. Morris Minor – If you fancy something different then why not choose a Morris Minor? They can provide style, finesse, class, and head turning chic.

What do you think of our list? What wedding transport would you choose for your big day? Would you add anything to our list? Leave your comment below…

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