Rhianna is Suing Topshop $5 Million!

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Rhianna has been reported to be suing Topshop $5 million, after the retailer has been selling T-shirts, showing her face without the singer’s consent.


According to the New York Post, Rhianna’s management team have been in negotiations with Topshop for 8 months trying to sort out the issue, however the Topshop have said, they will do whatever they like.  As a result international law firm Reed Smith have been instructed to deal with the matter.

Even though Rhianna doesn’t have much in terms of the law to support her, she has gone ahead to sue Topshop.  She has said she has already spend $1 million in court charges and it isn’t about the money but the principle.  Topshop are just ‘exploiting artists’ and making money from them.

The Topshop and Rhianna relationship might have turned sour of late, however back in 2010 she was rumoured to be in talks with Sir Philip Green to launch a fashion line for Topshop. She was also seen out socialising with Sir Philip’s daughter, Chloe Green. However in the end decided to design clothes for Topshop’s rivals River Island and Armani. So could this be Topshop’s way of getting back at Rhianna for not choosing their brand over River Island.


Evidence would suggest that there might have been some bitterness towards the singer as Topshop have always gained a large of amount of popularity from A-list celebrities such as Kate Moss and now Kate Bosworth so this maybe the case. However, like the UK laws suggest, Topshop has the support of the law to publish her images on their T-Shirts.

Topshop and Reed Smith declined to comment on the legal action. Rihanna’s representatives were not available for response.

Do you think it is right what Topshop is doing? Should they be ‘exploiting’ artist like that or should they pay up for not respecting Rhianna’s demands? Leave you comment below or on our Facebook page…

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