Paris Fashion Week 2011: Top 5 Hairstyle Trends

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The eagerly awaited Paris Fashion Week has drawn to a close and the designer collections failed to disappoint! Next season’s AW11 trends have got the ball rolling for fashionistas worldwide, but it does not end with the incredible couture featured on the catwalk, oh no! From sleek simplicity to futuristic metalheads, AW11 is all about the hair trends and these Top 5 picks will keep you ahead of the game when it comes to your locks.

#01 The Loose Ponytail

Although this look is simple, it sure was a hit. The loose ponytail worn by models at Balmain showed us a natural and completely wearable look for AW11. The trend works with wavy or straight hair and is worn over the back, as loose or as tight as you please. This hairstyle has a definite ’70s vibe perfect for the current season!

#02 The Low Twist

Similar to a low bun, the low twist made an appearance backstage at Chanel this month. The high fashion brand featured an easy-to-do style showing the hair rolled up and twisted then held securely with a insect clip. The insect clips add a very vintage feel to complete the hairstyle.

#03 The Sleek Bun

The models over at Yves Saint Laurent pulled of the simple yet classic sleek bun. ‘Not single hair out of place’ is becoming the motto for AW11. The look is sharpely parted on the side and extra strong hold hairspray is a necessity to achieve the hair in such a tightly pulled-back fashion.

#04 The Metal Head

The metallic mood from the Alexander McQueen collection translated from the clothes and nails to the hair. By covering the head in silver metal slides, a very futuristic take on AW11 hairstyles is achieved. Although it is doubtful this style will be worn by most of us, anything is possible!

#05 Centre and Poof

Over at Nina Ricci the hair is kept very classy with a half updo. A centre parting with the hair clipped up in a half-ponytail, with exaggerated volume making a ‘poof’. The rest of the hair sits naturally and neatly on the shoulders.

Which one is your favourite?  Leave us your comments below…

Images Via: Vogue

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  • paul@ pictures of hairstyles

    The loose pony tail is very popular today. You will find a lot of celebrities wearing their hair like this with a unique clip or hair bungee.