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It is Mother’s Day on Sunday in the UK. My mum and me are very close and I often don’t find it difficult to buy a gift for her.  Usually, I end up buying more than I should…but what the hey! It’s my mum, who carried me in her womb for 9 months and gave birth to me…it’s the least I can do.

As you might not already know I got married last year, which means this year not only will I be hitting the shops to buy gifts for my mum but also my lovely mother-in-law!  It’s a good thing I like shopping.

Anyway, here is a selection of possible gifts which I think would be perfect for any mother on Mother’s day.  Enjoy!


Flowers are a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.  What could be more lovely then waking up to the smell of fresh flowers on your doorstep.  Usually, I buy my flowers from Interflora but this time I thought I would try Marks and Spencer.  They do a wonderful selection of flowers and the added bonus is that delivery is free if you order by tomorrow.

I love…

Standard Rose & Lily Bouquet £30.00


One of the things which is absolutely essential for a mother is to own a good handbag.  Last year I bought my mum a handbag, which she takes everywhere with her.  When looking for a handbag as a gift, try and go for neutral colours so that you know the gift will be used.  Cross body bags are great for mums and look very stylish.  The key look is to go for pastel colours and grown up neutrals.

I love…

Tan ‘Lenton’ Satchel Bag – £39.20


A girl can never have too many shoes and this is often a gift to get your mum if you know her style.  When I ever I get shoes as a gift I love it when I get something special.  With a bit of sparkle.  Shoes which aren’t for every occasion but when they are worn that ‘someone special’ is remembered.  Also, think practicality too so unless your mum can handle 10 inch heels don’t get them.

I love…

Pink Corsage Peep-Toe Shoes – £45



Mother’s always love comfort wear and a cardigan is a perfect gift.  If you know her size and style you can’t go wrong.  Try to go for a style which she like.  My mum hates round neck cardigans and also as she is petite, I tend to stay away from the long lengths.

I love…

Metallic Knitted Cardigan: £51


Usually smellies are associated with perfume’s or a lavender soap, however, why not try something a little different.  I absolutely love Lush.  I stock up on bottles of Snowfairy at Christmas and the fact that it is all fresh handmade comestics is fabulous!  So, why not buy your mum the ultimate pampering kits of shower and bath goodies.

I love…


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