The Ultimate iPad Essentials!

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Now a lot of you have hopefully finally got hold of the new and sexy iPad you’ll need the best accessories out there to set you up. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to have ugly accessories either, there’s an array or gorgeous options out there to glam up your iPad.

First on the list, the Toffee iPad Pocket. A bit more casual than a full case for those short trips this is perfect.  Handmade from premium pebble-grain leather coming in pink, red, black and khaki. The padded interior will keep your iPad safe and sound and there’s even a front pocket for your iPhone and cards so you’re all set, just remember to put your keys in your pocket and not in with the iPad! £55.95 from Toffee with free delivery!

Now you’ll need something for it to stand on when watching films, browsing the internet or writing emails. Nothing is sexier than red, and this still applied to your gadgets! This horizontal stand and protective case is brilliant, it keeps your new best friend safe and snug and also doubles up as a stand. It’s now basically a Macbook, result! And yours for £15.99 from

To really get the Macbook feel all you need is a wireless keyboard. Whilst the touchscreen one is of a good size, it could be easier to have a wireless one when needing to type a lot with a certain amount of speed. It’s a new addition to the Apple family and will be brilliant as giving you some freedom with the iPad, so a big difference from the Macbook, your iPad can be on your table and you can sit back comfortably in your chair. Sleek and sexy for £56 from the Apple Store.

While this next addition may not be sexy as such, it is still very important, the screen protector. This one from Speck is also anti-glare so you’ll always be able to see what you’re doing. The static cling protectors comes in packs of two, will last a long time and take a lot of abuse. The anti-stick effect also means there’ll be no annoying air bubbles in sight and can be easily re-positioned so is worth every penny at £17.95 from Gearzap.

While your iPad comes with the usual USB connector, this means you will have to lie it flat or then put it on an additional stand as to not take up too much space. So why not combine both with a docking station. Simple and space-saving this is genius and a must-have for only £25 from the Apple Store.

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