FashionWare gadgets hit the runway in Las Vegas

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If you remember a few months back we reported that the Olsen twins were introducing technology to the runway in the form of viewing your must have items in their fashion show and then being able to place them into your shopping basket with just a click of a button.

Well the runway has come a long way since then as fashion designer, author and blogger Diana Eng recently proved at her FashionWare show in Las Vegas.

Audience members were treated to models wearing, carrying and even interacting with technology inspired fashion accessories, all of which were the latest gadgets to hit the technology as well as fashion world.

From 3D glasses, to MP3 player shirts and wearable camcorders; spectators at CES saw it all.  Items that caught the attention of many were the TV jacket and the Running the Line App.

Ever wanted to make a free phone call using Wi-Fi Connection while you’re out and about?  Well that can now be made possible with Windows Phone 7 and the Line 2 app.  As long as you’re connected to a Wi-Fi device, you can make all the free calls you want.

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Then of course with the TV-be-gone jacket, more amazing things can happen with its ability to not only look good as a versatile garment in your wardrobe, but can turn off all TVs in the area when instructed.

And who said you can’t bring technology to the runway?

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