Are you a fan of Whitney Port’s optical illusion dress?

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TV personality, fashion designer and model, Whitney Port attended US Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Style awards last night in a dress that made her look slimmer than the slender frame we already know her for.  But is it a clever fashion trick or a fashion faux pax?

It turns out that this dress has been cleverly designed to create an optical illusion effect.  The colourful panels that sit across her waist, side and hips work together to form a tiny waist for Whitney.  This proves that by strategically placing a fashion garment in the right place, you can be in control of how you want to look.

But can her fashion trickery be perceived in a bad way?  There will be some views about the creative dress that will link to the whole debate about size 0 models.  Whitney is a role-model to a wide range of girls and young adults, who have grown up watching her develop into a fashion designer on TV series, The Hills.  She is pretty much known world-wide and therefore knows the influence she will have on her growing fan base so would she risk the chance of ruining her reputation?

Not at all!  When you first take a look at the dress, your eyes will immediately be attracted to the bright colour panels of purple and lime/yellow.  But take a longer look and you will see how this has been done and fans of the fashion designer will have no problem in recognising yet another lesson in fashion.

Misconceptions of this dress won’t be an issue with the star’s fan base because they are also lovers of fashion!  They will be able to see that Whitney hasn’t drastically lost weight, but instead has used her knowledge as a positive role model to prove a point – you can wear any style of clothing you like, if you put your mind to it.

You can still pay attention to the fashion facts for pear-shaped, apple and hourglass women (to name a few) but being open to the many ways of creating a ‘flattering look’ is the real lesson here.

She must be doing something right as she collected The Individualist award at the event for her label, Whitney Eve.

So would you wear this dress?

Image Source: Mail Online

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