Top 10 Mother’s Day Stylish Gadget Gifts

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Now Mothering Sunday is approaching there is no good excuse to give for not finding something utterly brilliant. While some mums are happy with some flowers or a box of chocs, some mums want a bit more from a present, so try a gadget! There’s one out there for every interest and love, and here are out top ten favourites!

1.  Digital video memo, £29.95 from

Gone are notes written on the back of envelopes or forgotten post-its, now you can leave your message through a video! And there’s one thing a mum likes to do, and that is get her point across, and nothing carries more tone and meaning than a personal message. It is also a lot easier to physically show someone what you want them to do so there’ll be no excuses when they get home! 1.5 inch screen and is magnetic so fits perfectly on the fridge, usually the first place kids look to be honest.

2. USB negative scanner, from £49.99 at

Now if there is one thing every mother has, is bags, yes bags, of old photos to embarrass us with. But sometimes the original photo is lost and there are lots of odd negatives left that you’re never really sure what are. So take a look at this USB negative scanner, all you do is place your negative into the little tray, and with a tap of a button it gets scanned and placed on your computer in negative form. All that is left it to convert it back into colour, which is easy, and there you have it, old memories ready to be re-printed up or uploaded onto facebook to shame us all.

3. Sound asleep: speaker pillow, £18.90 from

There is no women who doesn’t suffer with a snoring partner, and now with the speaker pillow they’ll never have a reason to complain again. Simply plug the jack into any mp3 or even DVD player and they can fall asleep listening to their favourite music, audiotape or even watching a film without waking their other half! It’s integral speakers also mean you don’t have to worry about the cord strangling you, bonus.

4. Spa lights, from £7.99 at

Every mum deserves a nice relaxing bath now and then, and now she can fell like she’s in a real spa with these lovely in-bath lights. They can stick to the bottom and sides of your bath or even shower for a luxurious feel. Turn off the lights, stick some soothing music on and cue relaxation!

5. Eyezone eye massager,  £14.95 from Gizoo.

Being a woman can be stressful, so at the end of a horrible day all you want it a bit of TLC. Your mum will love this eye massager, with acupuncture and magnetic principles she’ll soon find the stress of the day slipping away. Helps fight, wrinkles, nasal congestion, near-sightedness and relieves sinusitis.

6. Shower clock, £5.99 from

Jumping into the shower in the morning is always a bit of  rush as you never know how long you’ve got to get ready. Now your mum can take her sweet time conditioning with this shower clock.  Obviously totally waterproof and sticks to any surface with a bright and bold clock face so it can be seen even with eyes full of Head and Shoulders. No more rushing, perfect.

7.  Cupcake hand warmers, £5.99 from

The months may be moving on but it is still freezing outside! Instead of wearing two pairs of gloves, treat your mum to these cute cupcake heat packs that are brilliant for warmer up your hands on a bitter day. Just click to activate and you’ll have constant heat radiating from them for hours! They are reusable too by boiling them for 15 minutes so there’s no excuse for cold hands at the bus stop.

8. Busy poppy business card holder, £7.50 from Octopus.

Every mum on the go has business cards in all sorts of places, on the fridge, in drawers, floor of the car, everywhere. So treat her to this stylish business card holder coming in 6 gorgeous designs however we think this one is the best. It doesn’t break the bank, but is just something little and cute to make her life that little bit easier, whilst still looking glam.

9. Reflexology in

flatable foot spa pamper pack, £19.95 from


  • 1 x Aromatherapy Peppermint foot gel (100ml)
  • 1 x Inflatable foot bath
  • 1 x Relaxing foot salts(400gms)
  • 1 x Foot roller
  • 1 x Exfoliating sponge
  • 1 x Foot rasp

Just inflate it, add your desired salts and fill with lovely warm water to ease away the days aches and pains. It also folds down to nothing and can be taken wit


you everywhere, so your mum would love it, a mini pampering session for her tootsies.

10. Polaroid two instant digital

camera, £179.95 from

It may be the most expensive on t

he list but it is definitely the best! How many times have you heard your mum complain about no one ever printing out their digita

l pictures? Well with this Polaroid it wont be a second thought as it happens instantly. The Polaroid Two works by using the



lutionary heat activated ZINKâ„¢ ink-free printing technology which is. Once the pictures are printed, they are immediately dry to the touch, durable, smudge-proof and water resistant. The camera itself also has a resolution of 5.0 megapixels, so no more blurry print-outs and you can even choose to have the classic polaroid border!

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