Eurovision 2009 – The Best and Worst Outfits

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It’s about that time again, Eurovision is upon us and is as flashy and cheesy as ever, but we still love it.

And with the contents comes the costumes, some gorgeous, some hideous and some downright horrific.

Russia didn’t really have to worry this year with hosting after winning, but their singer looked like she was in pain and was wearing a rather Grecian dress, not too bad on its own, but it made her look a bit like princess leia.

Turkey were very ‘Shakira’ and used a lot of hot red floaty Egyptian dresses which really made them stand out as everyone else seemed to be wearing blue this year. A funny point worth noting is that one of their backing dancers didn’t show up so their loyal mini bus driver stepped in to support his country!


Now Germany, first thing you see if the lead singer in loud silver leggings that looked a like a disco ball, and then some shameful display of celebrity on their part. They had the ever-fabulous Dita Von Teese join then on stage for a sexy dance. She was originally meant to perform with swarovski encrusted nipple tassels but was threatened to be banned so had to tame is down with a figure squeezing black piece and riding crop.


If there was one to fully block out then it would be France, the song was a bit like how you sound when you have the flu and the dress was equally awful, like it barely stayed on her body and as if it should have been worn by something ten years her junior.


Sweden was worth paying attention to, with their clubby opera filling your senses, she also worse a gorgeous floor-length mermaid like ivory dress which just oozed class and elegance, not something you often see at Eurovision.


Now of course we can’t miss out the UK, it was a bit like watching Leona Lewis on the X Factor. It was very sleek and understated but gorgeous. All the men had classic suits. But to be honest it didn’t really fit in with the tackiness that is Eurovision.


If you’re a Boyzone fan then I hope you didn’t miss Denmark, with the song by Ronan Keating himself it was hard to not hear that fact that he sung in an Irish accent. But his clothes her spot on, a tailored waistcoat and bum hugging jeans there are few women who wouldn’t enjoy watching him wiggle his hips.


So all in all there were some awful choices for the costumes, but some countries really hit the spot with ones that stood out and made you pay more attention, could Eurovision be on the road to classy outfits and tuxedos? God I hope not!

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