Top 10 Stylish Home Gifts for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching (March 14th) and the card shops are already pressuring you all into buying her cards and gifts, but this year a bunch of flowers or some chocolates just won’t do! 2010 is the year that your mum actually gets something that she wants for Mother’s Day and what could be better than a gift for her and her pride and joy: the home.

Mums love ‘bits and pieces’ for the house as it makes her feel like she’s putting her own stamp on the place so buying her some home accessories is a great idea, plus the rest of the family also ‘benefit’ from your gift.

Photo frames are a great way of treasuring memories and mum will probably be thrilled at being able to display your baby photos around the house. The Scroll Picture Frames, £21, from John Lewis will look elegant on the wall, hung from a smoky grey-coloured ribbon.

Nobody can go wrong with candles as everyone loves them, mums especially. John Lewis have loads of different candles to purchase, from scented ones to dinner candles and fun and stylish candles in tubs. Whatever her tastes, there is a candle at John Lewis for her. The True Grace Green Tea candle, £20, is simple and comes in it’s own glass jar while giving off a green tea, lime and bergamot scent.

Mums love spending time in the kitchen cooking or having a natter over a cup of tea and for a really stylish kitchen, you’ll want some accessories to match which is why Urban Outfitters is perfect as they stock a whole range of funky gifts for the home.

Everyone likes having their own personal cup to drink from so the Polka Dot Mug With Spoon, £6, is perfect for her morning cup of tea or coffee.

Urban Outfitters have got everything covered. If you’d rather leave buying the expensive jewellery to dad then you can at least provide her with somewhere to display her diamonds with the Rose Jewellery Stand, £20. The stand has a vintage charm about it and comes with ten hooks for her pieces of jewellery and if you really feel like splashing out, there is also a mirror to match.

The original alternative to the popular jewellery stand is the jewellery box and if mums current one is overflowing then specialise in personalised and unique gifts for everybody! The Glass Jewellery Box, £12, is not only cute but stylish as well with a simple flower design on it. Mum can store all of her jewellery in it and have it displayed proudly on her make up table.

Although this gift means you will probably have to buy some flowers to go with it, it’s the perfect gift for mum to display in the house and when it’s empty, it will hopefully prompt dad to fill it with new flowers. The Perfect Vase, £8.95, is simple enough and will hold a whole bunch of flowers, you could even buy two!

It’s a fact that mums love cushions, you probably can’t sit on your own sofa because of all the cushions that are packed on there so if she really needs some more (and trust us, she will!) then Marks and Spencer offer a range of great patterned cushions. Union Jacks are very on trend at the moment so the Union Jack Cushion, £19.50, is perfect for displaying in a more stylish room.

For the more mumsy type Mark and Spencer offer loads of cute, girly cushions to match any room. The Blue Tulip Cushion, £19.50, is a bit different from the usual cushions, it is much smaller and features a jacquard tulip design.

If mum is one for sitting in bed and reading a book then a bedside table lamp is the perfect mother’s day present. The Bon Bon Table Lamp, £25, from Marks and Spencer is extremely stylish and modern. It has an elegant feel to it and an intricate glass stand design.

Every home needs a plant. Buying mum a plant for the house is a much better and more interesting idea than presenting her with a bunch of flowers. The Spiky Succulent plant, £16, comes in a retro silver pot and will last much longer than a bunch of flowers.

These ten ideas for Mother’s Day gifts will surely give you some inspiration and your own ideas for gifts. Each gift idea is different from what you would normally buy and are things that mums actually want!

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