Pump up your Cleavage with Debenhams Inflatable Bra!

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peachy-pink-and-pump-up2You can now add a cup size to your cleavage by slipping inflatable pads into your bra!

Debenhams have recently started to sell the pads, which are £5, and they have proved to be a hit with shoppers. Annette Warburton, who is the head of lingerie-buying at the store, puts this down to wanting to look extra-glam for Christmas parties,

“When getting ready at work for the office Christmas party, a cleavage boost is the perfect pick-me-up to take you from day to evening glamourpuss. We predict women all over the UK will be storing these in their desk drawers ready for the mistletoe moment with the office hunk. Plus they’re easily and quickly deflated when Nigel from Accounts approaches after a few glasses of mulled wine.”

However, cleavage-boosters are popular all year round, and these pads seem a lot more convenient than the traditional alternative of liquid-filled bras. The pads, which are only £5 a pair, resemble flat chicken fillets and can easily slip into your clutch. They have a pump button which lets air in to increase the size. You can  inflate it to your preferred size and then simply pop them in your bra for an instant increase in bra size without surgery!

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  • Amanda

    la senza have already been doing these pads they come with their boost bras.. but wow these ones have a pump! was the designer watching bend it like beckham when they came up with this!!

  • Snita

    lol Amanda! the pump thing does seem a tiny bit extreme!