Jennifer Aniston: Is She Pregnant?

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Jennifer Aniston turned up to the premiere of her latest film, We’re The Millers in a tight, bodycon dress but is that a baby bump we see?

The aubergine Burberry dress looked great on Jennifer’s figure, especially with the strapless silhouette. The satin material looked elegant and the small cutout detail at the bust adds some edge to the calf-length dress. Although the dress looked great on Jen, we can’t help but notice a little bit of a bump towards her stomach. Considering Jennifer normally looks like a slim goddess, this is quite a surprise and reports are suggesting that she might even be pregnant!

Is Jennifer Aniston Sporting A Baby Bump?

Is She Really Expecting?

A source on the set of film ‘Squirrels and Nuts’, which she is currently shooting, commented, “She definitely seemed to have gained some weight.

“She knows the clock is ticking – she’s well aware of it. She’s also done her homework. She’s explored all methods for having a baby and knows what her options are with IVF. She’s educated herself,” they added.

Is Jennifer Aniston Sporting A Baby Bump?

Recent reports from InStyle magazine have suggested that Jen has started IVF treatments and if they go to plan, Jen will be pregnant by her birthday next February. Considering her age, it would be great if she is pregnant or at least close to being there as I’m sure her and Justin Theroux will make great parents.

“She’s ready,” says an insider close to Jen and fiancé Justin Theroux, adding that the megastar will be “an amazing mom.”

Could The Bump Be Due To Bloating?

Although we’d like to believe that she’s pregnant, Jen may have just eaten some carb-heavy food before stepping out. Hmm, it’s a possibility, right? Well, it may or may not be. However, as Jen is playing the role of a stripper in her latest role, it is quite unlikely that the bump came from food considering her strict diet plan.

“I was on a very like, you know, greens and vegetables and lean proteins and kale. When I really wanted to have a cheat day, I had to have a kale chip.” The low-calorie, superfood that are kale chips would probably not cause much bloating and I doubt that Jen would cheat on her diet.

These kale chips don’t look very bloating to me!

What do you think? Does Jen look pregnant to you?

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