A New Royal Baby: Buckingham Palace Announces Zara Phillips’ Pregnancy!

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Zara Phillips, the grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and the respected British equestrian is having a baby with husband, Mike Tindall


Two Royal Babies All At Once!

The baby is expected shortly after the much-anticipated birth of Kate Middleton’s royal baby, due to spread (even more) mayhem across the world later this month. How exciting! If the tremendous interest about the royal baby wasn’t enough, well now we have two to look forward to! Perhaps, the little ones will share all things divine together…

Well Wishes All Round


“The Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips, Mr Phillips and Mrs Linda Tindall, and members of both families, are delighted with the news. This baby will be the first child for Mike and Zara and the third grandchild for the Princess Royal,” reads the Buckingham Palace release. Zara is also 32, which is a perfect age to settle down and enjoy family life with Mike Tindall.

Since the news broke, there’s been much support and well wishes from all sorts of elite including David Cameron, who’s spokesperson said “The prime minister will send his very, very best wishes to the happy couple.” Many tweets have gone out congratulating the daughter of the Princess Royal, from the likes of Vogue UK and Elle UK.

From Medals To Nappies!

Naturally, with Zara being a famous equestrian and Tindall, a former England captain and member of the Gloucester rugby team, the couple’s schedules would have been rather hectic, especially with the Olympics and all the chaos that came along with it. So it’s good to know that their long-awaited desire to start a family has come into fruition and I’m sure we will hear endless updates about the new family, from the dresses Zara will dress the little one in to who’s baby is more glamorous, Kate’s or Zara’s. Keep reading StyleClone to find out first!

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